Uriel Amilius Andros

A Brief Biography

In this incarnation I was born September 27th, 1940, near Paradise, California. For those of you into astrology: Libra Sun, Libra rising, Leo Moon. Most of my childhood was spent living in the country in western Washington. At the age of five I announced I was going to be a minister. Later I learned the silly things most churches taught and put that aside - temporarily, as it turned out. Following high school I moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, where I majored in physics and Russian language before finally taking a degree in English literature.

I tried to fit into the business world, but it just didn't work. So in 1967 I "dropped out" - along with millions of others! - and began to explore the farther reaches of consciousness to break through the barriers erected by my upbringing.

Following a powerful visionary experience in early 1968 I became involved with studying various aspects of metaphysics and soon became one of the first teachers in the Experimental College at the University of Washington. The following year I was moved to found an organization devoted to exploring the potentials of various spiritual teachings. That group evolved into an ashram/commune that eventually grew to about 75 members with varying degrees of involvement in our activities.

Those years were filled with a fascinating range of activities -- meditation, ritual, group therapy, primal therapy, fantastic vegetarian feasts, reading, studying, learning, growing.... and lots of sex. It was during this time that I received my first training in tantra and that changed forever my own attitude toward sex and using sexual energy. It was also the beginning of a never-ending interest in experimenting with different kinds of sexual arrangements and the universal appeal of phallic worship. It was rapidly becoming obvious what we were doing could become a real social/spiritual movement, but my intuition told me it was premature. Anyway, I had grown tired of living in the city and longed to return to the country. So we spent the next few years turning forty acres of land into a farm.

In 1978 my meditations told me it was time to move on, so I sold the land and moved to Belize, in Central America, where I spent a year and a half living in a tiny village of 500 Maya Indians. That experience had a profound effect on my life and prepared me for greater changes that would occur on my return to the US.

I was back in Seattle in 1981 when a series of visionary experiences revealed to me what seemed to be the most exciting possibility yet in my spiritual search. Achieving the goal of these visions required a new and more serious level of commitment to personal growth - and in ways that must be undertaken on my own. It was not easy for me to part from those I had shared so much with, but it was a necessary part of my growth.

The years since have led me through many situations, all of which have led to greater opening of my inner self and deeper understanding of my work and how to accomplish it. This dedication to my internal growth has resulted in the development of heightened abilities to aid in my work as a teacher and healer so that I am able to train those chosen for the work ahead.

Since 1995 I have been living with others on land in the Ozarks of SW Missouri. The years here have been filled with many wonderful men and challenging experiences. We are now prepared to create a community based on combining the sacred mysteries of the past with a vision of the future.

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