Tantric (Erotic/Sexual) Practices

Sexuality is the conceiving power of the universe.... Pure sexuality is sexuality that is not clouded by fear, degradation or bad thoughts. It is lusty nakedness without the farce of false emotions.... Without sexuality we can neither understand the world, nor the history of human beings, nor ourselves. Sexual knowledge is true mystery knowledge.

-- Dieter Duhm "The Sacred Matrix"

Sexual energy is indeed the most powerful creative energy at our disposal and many tantric masters have acknowledged that the most powerful sexual connections are those between men. Because of this fact and the work the community does, we can only accept men ready and able to participate in erotic and sexual interaction, in both personal and group situations.

A common basic practice is erotic massage. It is hoped that all men moving into the community will be open to exploring this erotic massage practice as it is an important part of developing transparency between the members and creating strong bonds between them. At other times members are encouraged to engage in autoeroticism - masturbation and edging - as it is desirable to have sexual energy flowing in the community at all times. The only practice we specifically discourage is anal sex, as this tends to promote interactions that are not compatible with the interpersonal goals of the community.

For the more advanced and dedicated members there are specific practices that develop personal magical power as part of achieving our goals as spiritual warriors and workers of sex magick* in the community. At the appropriate time members will be introduced to practices that will open new avenues for the use of sexual energies in the growth to expand their possibilities. Some of these may extend beyond the realm of ordinary reality. The goal of all this is to acquire true personal freedom - the kind of freedom that brings eternal existence beyond this physical experience. We know how to achieve that.

This is NOT, quite obviously, the place for those who desire traditional monogamous relationships. It IS the place for those wanting to live as part of an intimate spiritual family that has a goal beyond what most people could conceive.

Nudity encourages a sex-positive environment, quite necessary for healthy erotic practice, so we are a clothing optional community. Residents are likely to be nude much of the time, particularly when the weather is warm and clothing is not necessary.

* Sex Magick is a powerful tool to reach one's goals by focusing energies of a group in a unified and synchronized way. It's not so much about sex as it is about the goals of the ritual. It is likely the only means by which a group could attain the kind of unity required to do some the spiritual work that is part of our purpose for existing.

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