Because we are a community oriented toward personal development in an environment somewhat removed from the world, we do place restrictions on how we live together.

Historically members dressed entirely in white. Members of the priesthood have continued that tradition and we may be returning to that standard for the entire community. New members should take this into consideration when coming and deciding what to bring with them.

Television is not a part of our community life because it is not conducive to a positive environment -- neither is commercial radio. We hope to rebuild our library of books, as well as the extensive music library and movies on DVD which were destroyed when our previous house was destroyed.


Diet is an important component of any plan for a long and healthy life. The community follows a plant-based diet. Some people feel they cannot maintain good health with a vegetarian diet, having been brainwashed into believing they need animal products for adequate protein. This is a serious misunderstanding. The body can produce all the protein it requires given the amino acids it needs, which can all be obtained from plants. Our diet is designed to provide everything needed for good health. Anyone who doubts this is advised to read The China Study, the largest study ever done on the effects of diet on health.


Nasalam is a tantric community. That can mean many things, so here is more about it.

Daily Routine

Nasalam is a spiritual community, so our daily routine includes certain spiritual practices. Following this routine is vital to the success of achieving our goals as it is important for the energy of the community to move in synch as much as possible.

7 a.m. -- (Historically, this is the time for morning meditation, but that his been disrupted by our current living situation.) This is thirty minutes of silent meditation. It might be preceded by Qigong, a Salutation to the Sun or other gentle exercises according to personal preference. After meditation is a good time to discuss topics of interest, including work that needs to be done for the day. It's also a good time to bring up any personal issues. This is followed by breakfast, which is usually very informal.

Noon -- This is our main meal of the day. It is preceded by a short ritual to express thanks for our food. This includes a dedication to our spiritual growth and includes some chanting. This is an important part of our spiritual work.

6 p.m. -- (roughly) -- our evening meal, which is usually a light meal.

9 p.m. -- Evening meditation. This begins with the same chant used with the noon meal and ends after thirty minutes with a series of OMs. We generally retire fairly early, to be ready for an early start the next day.

* * * * * * *

During the day, whether during the morning or afternoon hours, there is work to be done. Depending on the time of year it might be gardening, building, or any other projects that contribute to living in the country and growing the community. Work schedules are posted as needed and all residents are expected to participate in the work that needs to be done.

Anyone unable or unwilling to conform to this daily routine will be asked to leave the community.

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