Models for Our Lifestyle and Practice

Because we are a community in the monastic tradition, whether Budhist or Christian, we do place restrictions on how we live together.

Historically members dressed entirely in white in the tradition of the Essenes. Members of the priesthood have continued that tradition and we may be returning to something like that for the entire community. Prospective members should take this into consideration. And like the Essenes we are a vegetarian community - HERE is more on that.

Nasalam is a tantric community, much in the tradition of Shaivite and Tantric Buddhist monks, as well as the secret practices of the Essenes and early Christians. That can mean many things, so HERE is more about what it means at Nasalam.

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In our relationship to the world of Nature, we strive to emulate Francis of Assissi.

In our relationship to the world of Men we strive to emulate the Rebel Jesus.

Some things to read that some will find interesting.

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