Ancient Crystals That Might Change the World

Uriel Amilius Andros

Let me tell you a story...

Back in 1981 I began to experience a remarkable series of visions concerning some rather amazing crystals. The three primary crystals were transparent spheres, about thirty inches in diameter, heavily faceted and obviously artificial. Over the course of many meditations I was shown that they were present in the ancient civilization of Mu/Lemuria before being transported to Atlantis. And I was shown something of how incredibly powerful these crystals were, with their ability to alter the very nature of physical reality. It appears they do this by functioning as "transformers" sensitive to certain brainwave patterns and are capable of greatly magnifying the mental images projected into them.

We also learned of the presence of other similar crystals that function together as a unit. A rather puzzling thing about these crystals is that it seemed they had never been used. As the time of destruction of Atlantis approached, the small group of priests who guarded the crystals secreted them from the temple where they were kept and hid them in their present locations. They knew that many thousands of years would pass before the crystals might be needed, but that it was vitally important that they survive and be available when that time arrives.

For a very long time I told no one of these visions, being unsure of how seriously I should take them. Finally, I decided to tell a friend who was a very talented psychic. He not only verified what I had seen but gave me a great deal more information about them. That session ended with a rather amazing synchronistic experience: my friend walked over to a TV set and turned it on. When it had warmed up there was Leonard Nimoy holding the famous crystal found by Dr. Ray Brown while diving in the Bahamas. That left no doubt in my mind that this was all very real and that I should take it seriously.

Early on I had fantasies of mounting expeditions to recover the crystals, but a friend who had some experience with such things convinced me they could be used analogically. In retrospect, I'm glad they were not recovered because I have no doubt there are those in positions of power who would like to try to use them or see them destroyed.

A few years later I had occasion to do extensive work with another psychic and at one point asked him about the crystals. He basically verified what the other person had seen. By themselves they can be the instrument for changing the world as we know it back into the paradise it once was. How might this be accomplished? The first thing that comes to mind is correcting the tilt of the planet, thereby eliminating extreme seasons and restoring the mythic "golden age" to the planet. Just that one change would have enormous long-range effects as people around the world no longer were forced to deal with extremes of cold. There are other worthwhile things that could be undertaken such as eliminating the entire stockpile of nuclear weapons so they will never again present a danger to humanity. The possibilities are almost endless.

Over the years I have continued working with the crystals hyperdimensionally in various ways in my meditations. A few years ago, a center opened and released many millions of tiny crystals on the etheric to blanket the planet, and this has since coalesced into a solid crystalline sphere linked to the Throne of Melchizedek. Recent events may make this even more significant because - through a series of "coincidences" - I was led to the work of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. He holds a PhD in Patristics from Oxford University but in recent years has been exploring alternative history and writing about it - beginning with a series of books about the Great Pyramid.

Now, there have been numerous books written about the Great Pyramid of Giza. Perhaps the first one of significance being by Piazzi Smyth, who made detailed measurements of the pyramid and accurately established its coordinates. His book, Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid, was published in 1864 and revised several times. Since then numerous authors have presented theories about the meaning of the and how they relate to various natural attributes of the planet, giving most of them implied esoteric significance.. A recent book by engineer Christopher Dunn argues that the level of precision employed in building the pyramid would only be used in constructing a machine and he presented his argument for this in the book The Giza Power Plant.

Dr. Farrell takes the argument one step further in Giza Death Star and presents the idea that the Giza pyramid was in fact a weapon - probably the most destructive ever constructed. He begins by carefully and systematically reconstructing the theory of physics that seems to underlie the structure, a system he dubs paleophysics. He then painstakingly develops his argument that this was a weapon that functioned not by sending out bolts of energy, but simply by harmonizing itself with the target and then obliterating it from within. There is some evidence in ancient texts that it was used at least once. This book is not an easy read in places, but will change forever the way one looks at the Great Pyramid.

The second book in the series, Giza Death Star Deployed, begins with a long exploration of the dating of various parts of the Giza plateau as well as the various sites that might have been targets of this unusual weapon. Next, Dr. Farrell explores the history of unorthodox weapons development, particularly those that might have been inspired by ancient writings. The third section begins with a catalog of the various structural aspects of the Great Pyramid and how they could function as a part of a scalar weapon. Dr. Farrell than presents a nearly mind-boggling survey of physics theories and experiments that violate Einstein's relativistic paradigm.

Farrell suggests reading The Cosmic War before the third Giza book, so I did. It begins with more physics, but then in Part 2 digs into the various Egyptian, Sumerian and Vedic stories of ancient warfare. It's surprising how many parallels there are in these sources. Part 3 goes over the external evidence for a past interplanetary war and the evidence is rather compelling, particularly what appear to be the ruins of ancient structures on the Moon and on Mars. (The Farsight Institute did an interesting remote viewing experiment that seemed to verify the existence of a pyramid on the Moon. Video is at

The final book in the trilogy, Giza Death Star Destroyed, picks up with more material dealing with what Farrell calls paleophysics - the physics theory that must have been employed to create what they did. This gets into some very heavy material that is not for the faint of heart, but quite fascinating.

For example, theoreticians Michel Bounias and Volodymyr Krasnoholovets wrote: "(Mathematical) limits in computed systems can be overpassed by the biological brain's system, due to its property of self-decided anticipatory mental imaging... It will be shown here how this makes eventually possible a scanning of an unknown universe by a part of itself represented by an internal observer."

Farrell's comments on this: "In other words, and to summarize the rest of their papers on this subject, if one begins with an absolutely undifferentiated medium which is therefore a physical "nothing" since no discrete or discernable differences exist with in it, then in order for any such "subsequent" differentiation to occur, this must be the result of an intelligent observer."

This theory supports the work done by René Schwaller de Lubicz in translating the hieroglyphic texts of the temple of Luxor, and published in his book The Temple of Man. His conclusions are far too complex and esoteric to go into here, but Farrell has this to say about his work:

A kind of "analogical action at a distance" is clearly implied in such physics and this notion would have pleased De Lubicz, for in his understanding, this was the very essence of Egyptian "sacred science" or magic. While it is not possible to go at length into his understanding of the magical nature of the hieroglyph, two things should be mentioned in connection with the paleophysical perspective of The Giza Death Star. The essence of this form of writing lay in its basic form, universalized to illustrate a basic function. Consequently, the foliage of a plant, for example, could come to represent respiration in general. It is this in turn that lays at the basis of Egyptian magic, for seeking an identity or analogy of function between discrete things it was thought that action could be influenced at a distance. The hieroglyph was thus the best example of this, since the glyph was "wisely chosen" to represent and embody the function. It was, so to speak, not mere writing which one encountered, but an evocative talisman, invoking the very things it also communicated. There is thus power, real power, in the writing itself, provided one enters adequately into the mentality of ancient Egypt itself and perceives the underlying function.

He goes on to give some contemporary examples of this in action - things that work because of their form, rather than any supposed mechanical construction, for example electrical machines that work without any electricity - simply because they look like they should work. They present interesting challenges to the normal perception of how things work.

In conclusion;

Schwaller De Lubiez's work points demonstrably and conclusively to the high order of Egyptian knowledge. More importantly, it points to a high order of "magic", i.e., to a science that was, perhaps, not fully known or understood by the ancient Egyptians, nor even practiced by them, but nevertheless more or less preserved. As his work makes so abundantly clear, and as he himself states on many occasions, this means that Egypt was preceded by some other civilization, one that has every indication of being incomparably more highly developed.


The profund implication for De Lubicz is that consciousness and intelligence are the all-important ingredients for all differentiation. Thus, if one places this point in the backdrop of global scaling theory and its understanding of nodal points on the logarithmic standing wave of the medium, we see perhaps one basis for why so many insist that the Great Pyramid is a sort of a "consciousness portal", a channel for raising consciousness. We perhaps have an understanding of why, too, so many record having unusual psychological experiences - even no less than Napoleon Bonaparte did - in or near the Great Pyramid; they would have such an experience in the presence of any oscillator-amplifier of that standing wave in the medium. Situated as it is at a nodal point, it likewise is a "portal," an entry-point, into the logarithmic space of that standing wave in the medium, a structure that cannot help but influence consciousness as well. When fully functional those many millenia long ago, one can only imagine the effect it may have had on the consciousness of those in its vicinity.

When I had finished reading the Giza trilogy, plus the Cosmic War book, it came to me that perhaps these crystals that I had been holding in the back of my consciousness all these years had been created as a safeguard against such a weapon ever being used again. That's why they would have been created with the ability to alter the physics present in our reality. A second thing that seemed quite important was the evidence Farrell presents that various countries seem to be experimenting with weapons similar to what was used at Giza. This implies, for me, that the time is close when the crystals might finally be used.

With all that in mind, I wrote to Dr. Farrell and presented my story. Here is his response:


Dear Uriel,

I am in receipt of your forwarded letter of Dec 26 2018 to me through my publisher Adventures Unlimited Press. You ask if the crystals were created as a safeguard against the type of interferometry weapon I described for the Great Pyramid. Simply put, it isn't an either/or sort of dialectic. I think the physics is such that one and the same principle could be used as a "safeguard" and as a weapon. In short, I strongly suspect, though have no proof, that the crystals of which you speak were once components of the complex, not created later as a safeguard. I hope this short answer is sufficient, as my time is rather limited.


Joseph P Farrell


His response surprised me - but only for a moment - as what he suggests makes perfect sense if some of the components were destroyed and others saved for future use. This has created a whole new perspective on these crystals. I will contnue to explore the implied possibilities, and this will lead to expanded understanding of them and how they might be used in the future to help the Earth and humanity. And to that end I decided I needed to go public with this information with the hope of attracting people interested in being part of a re-formed group to deal with these crystals.

I look forward to sharing developments as they unfold!


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