For thousands of years, the best kept secret in Atlantis was the existence of a small group of monk/priests who guarded crystals that had been created to protect humanity against the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being used again. Fortunately, the crystals were never needed and when the last of the islands was about to be submerged they were hidden away against the time when they might be needed. We believe that time is approaching and are searching for men ready to become their guardians again. You can read about them here.

Of course, the community is about more than just guarding the crystals and all men seriously interested in pursuing an eclectic spiritual path are invited to explore becoming part of the community, where we practice living together in peace and taking that out into the world. To learn more about how we live and how to become part of the community, email us and ask for more informaton about the community and get on our list to receive our quarterly newsletter.

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