Nasalam was founded more than fifty years ago as a modern Essene community, modeled in many ways after the famous community at Qumran. Like that community, we have always encouraged our members to study broadly. But there are differences in that we are much more eclectic in our spiritual life. To that end we have explored many aspects of tantric and taoist practices as well as basic aspects of the western mystery tradition. Like the ancient Essenes, we are a vegetarian community and strive to grow our own food. And we have a modest ritual practice as part of our lives.

All men seriously interested in pursuing an eclectic spiritual path, or just living a quiet life in the country, are invited to explore becoming part of the community, where we practice living together in peace and taking that out into the world. To learn more about how we live and how to become part of the community, email us and ask for more informaton about the community and get on our list to receive our quarterly newsletter.

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